The Essence of character-Part Four-Happiness

“Happiness in “intelligent people are the rarest thing I know”[1]

– Ernest Hemingway, one of the great American writers


This tumultuous emotion so much sought after by human kind as if it would make or mar our very existence is true to a large extent purely value based.

A sad person isn’t unhappy because he chooses intellect above all things–but perhaps those things his intelligence values are lacking in his life[2]

Actually, happiness is an emotion rather than an expression. It makes or mars our very existence. Its lack causes misery or simply said again, “unhappiness”. [3]

The key therefore to peace and happiness is the fact that the person endowed with tranquility is not only enjoying the bliss of a state of peace and quiet within themselves but also of those around them. Their repose, serenity and the absence of mental stress or anxiety is easily recognizable easiness, relaxation; [4].This indicates his or her character.

Let us understand that ataraxic or heartsease comes out of contentment. Contentment is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction maybe drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind. The beauty of becoming content with what you have and who you already are is an experience in itself. Our behaviors and thoughts and attitudes are different between our times of unhappiness and happiness. Happiness is a matter of choice. We choose whether to be happy or unhappy. “Contentedness” and “happiness” are not one and the same. When you’re happy, “it’s really a state of being, influenced by a number of factors, including contentedness.

Contentedness, on the other hand, is a matter of being satisfied with what you have. It focuses on what you have and don’t have instead of just being a state of being. It influences happiness. However, you can choose to be content, just as you can choose to be happy, and if you choose to be content, you will be happy”[5]. There is an incredible power of contentment. It is said that we should consider ourselves “SO BLESSED”:[6]


If you woke up this morning

with more health than illness,

you are more blessed than the

million who won’t survive the week.

At a macro level therefore “happiness” comprehends a state of peace, serenity, repose, absence of mental stress or harmony, or anxiety and virtue, lack of corruption lead us to the highway to “shanti” (PEACE).

In the end of the discussion let us be warned that the secret of happiness is not to become obsessed with the idea of being “happy” and get the happiness of the physical sense and not at all of happiness of the entire personality including the mind. Stop feeling bad about being unhappy.Tim Lott[7] says that to believe that we should all be striving for positivity all the time is to profoundly misunderstand the nature of human existence

…………………… be continued in part Five

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[7] British author

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